How to Get Instagram Certified: 3 Simple Steps

Instagram is the best way to stay in touch with your audience and also to monetize your account.

However, it can be difficult to break into the platform without having the confidence of your community and also of the platform.

That's why you should always think about getting Instagram certification, or the blue badge, for your account.

You may have seen the blue Instagram certification badge and wondered what the point is.

Don't worry, in this article we will explain:

instagram certification intro

What is the Blue Instagram Certification Badge?

Instagram certification is an award given to users by Instagram as a sign of trust that helps them stand out.

This can be a key element in helping you increase your conversion rate on your website.

Indeed, having a certified Instagram account helps you increase your traffic and attract new users.

But how does it work?

Instagram is a platform that has more than 1 billion users per month. This means that there are a lot of accounts and content creators, that it is not easy to stand out from the others.

For example, if we search for Cristiano Ronaldo, we will find dozens of accounts, as shown in the photo below.

Instagram Certified Cristiano Ronaldo

So how can we know which account to open to have the real news of the football star?

This is where the Instagram certification comes in. 

We notice that the first account in the search results is accompanied by a small blue badge. This is Instagram's blue certification badge.

It is then obvious that you have to go and check the official account that has Instagram certification to have authentic publications from Cristiano.

This example is just to show you what the effect of Instagram certification on followers is. 

Having a verified account will surely gain you audience and also shows the trust the platform has in you.

How to Get Certified on Instagram?

Instagram certification can be obtained by any user.

So in theory, having a verified account on Instagram can be obtained by anyone on Instagram.

However, in reality getting the blue Instagram certification badge requires several conditions.

We can cite for example:

    • The number of subscribers: Surely a real brand or celebrity must have a large number of followers on their account.
    • The number of likes: the number of likes must be relatively high and not only only bots.
    • The number of publications: it is not enough to have only one post. You need to have at least five posts on average per week.
  • Have a public account: obviously having an audience is necessary to have the logo certified.

  • Once these conditions are met, you can think about applying for an Instagram certification.

    So how do you get an Instagram certification?

    What are the steps to follow to make your Instagram account certified?

    Obtaining an Instagram certification is a simple and clear procedure.

    Indeed, Instagram tries to make all its procedures simple in order to attract users and push them to choose the first rank platform in terms of promotion.

    Thus, we present to you the 3 simple steps to obtain the Instagram certification.

    1. Go to Settings:

    To begin the process of obtaining the certified logo, you must first go to your Instagram profile.

    Once you are there, you have to press the 3 bars at the top, to get the following list.

    From the list, it is obviously necessary to choose parameters.

    Instagram certification step 1

    This will take you to your Instagram account settings which includes:

    • The notifications.
    • Confidentiality.
    • Security.
    • Your account.
    • etc

    So, we can proceed to step 2 for getting Instagram certification.

    2. Go To Account:

    To access the verification request for your account, you must go to "Account" From the settings.

    The "Account" section gives you several options such as:

    • See your activity.
    • See your personal information.
    • Set the language of your Instagram account.
    • Request verification of your account.
    • etc

    To obtain Instagram certification, you must go to "Request verification".

    This will take you to step 3 for getting Instagram certified.

    Instagram certification step 2

    3. Complete The Form:

    Finally, the last step to get Instagram certification is to fill out the following form.

    Instagram certification step 3

    The form consists of 3 parts:

    • Confirm Authenticity: It is quite normal to request such information as full name and ID document. The Instagram team needs to verify your identity first.
    • Confirm public interest: Having an Instagram certification is equivalent to having a product license. Suddenly, the Instagram team must confirm what is the interest of your account.
    • Links: Yes, it's optional, but it's important to give supporting links for Instagram so that the team can verify your business easily.

    It should be noted that obtaining an Instagram certification is not a guaranteed procedure, which is why it is necessary to try to give the most complete information possible.

    The Benefits of Being Certified on Instagram:

    It goes without mentioning that getting an Instagram certified logo brings you several benefits.

    This certification is a major asset for your publications since it will show that you are able to generate a large amount of traffic on Instagram. 

    Indeed, when an Internet user sees someone driving around in a new car, he will want to know more about it. 

    Similarly, when a user sees an Instagram certified account, they will want to know what you have to offer.

    So let's talk about benefits of an instagram certification:

    1. Better visibility

    Better visibility is guaranteed at the time of obtaining the Instagram certification. Indeed, if you remember the example above, the certified Instagram account of Crisitiano Ronaldo appears in first place when you do a search.

    This shows that Instagram shows verified accounts at the top of the list. As a result, your visibility will increase.

    2. Access to the swipe-up option

    Under normal conditions this function is activated for accounts that have more than 10 thousand subscribers at least. But, for verified Instagram accounts, this option is available without limit. This means that followers of your Instagram account will be able to easily access your links and call-to-action buttons.

    Instagram certificate swipe up

    3. A professional look

    Instagram certification makes your account look professional. The moment you get the blue badge, people will start treating your content as professional content. This is very useful for people who want to promote their blog or brands.

    A larger audience is another advantage. As your Instagram visibility increases, people will tend to follow you and even recommend your content to their friends.

    More Instagram followers and a professional appearance, guarantee you monetization of your account.

    Brands are looking to partner with accounts that have Instagram certification. This gives them confidence in you.

    What we have mentioned is just a small example of the benefits Instagram certification can bring to you.

    There are, of course, other benefits, which you can explore over time.

    It should also be noted, that getting an Instagram certification should not be your main goal, but staying up to date with your community and successfully creating content.

    Indeed, this is very important to complement your efforts to monetize your account.

    For example, one of the methods you can use to improve your content is to use Instagram's filters.

    Instagram filters are tools that give a professional touch to your photos and videos.

    There are dozens of filters, and each has its own style. You can use filters to change the overall look of your photo or video, or even to personalize it.

    For example, you can use Instagram AR filters for your Instagram Stories.

    AR filters give you the opportunity for additional exposure to your followers.

    Using Instagram filters is a great way to give style and personality to your content. If you want your posts to get noticed, try using Instagram's filters.

    It is important to note, Instagram filters should not be used to hide flaws or mask reality. Rather, they should be used to enhance your content.

    Using Instagram filters is a great way to show your followers that you're a pro when it comes to graphics and photography.

    It should also be mentioned, that obtaining an Instagram certification and improving the content may not be enough to attract the attention of Internet users.

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    Throughout the article, we have seen that there is a process to follow if you want to make your Instagram account certified. 

    We also discovered that having Instagram certification is very beneficial for your account as it impacts the SEO algorithm and helps you increase your Instagram visibility. 

    To conclude, all that remains is to get your instagram certification !