How To Get Known On OnlyFans | 11 Effective Tips

How to get known on OnlyFans?

Have you ever tried to make yourself known on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram?

If so, then you know how hard it is to get other people's attention.

People are overwhelmed with information and even if your content is good, most of the time they will never see it.

This can be frustrating for everyone!

There are millions of people who want to make themselves known and very few have succeeded in making it happen.

But luckily there is a solution: OnlyFans!

OnlyFans is a platform that lets you share your content with the fans and followers you have.

In this article, we will show you how to create an account and how to get known on OnlyFans.

What is OnlyFans Platform:

My OnlyFans is a social network that allows you to share your content with fans.

Unlike other platforms, OnlyFans is all about artists and people who have something to offer.

If you want to publicize your work or want to earn more money, this is the platform for you!

On OnlyFans, you can share all kinds of content without any restrictions: photos, videos, sounds and articles.

The greatest use of OnlyFans is in sharing intimate and exclusive photos on demand.

But how does it work?

Indeed, there are two parts to using the platform:

  • The Fan
  • The content creator

On the one hand, the content creator is the one who has a private account for:

  • Post private photos.
  • Publish private videos
  • Send private messages with exclusive and on-demand content.
  • etc

On the other hand, the fan, to be able to see the proposed content must:

  • Pay a subscription fee, if requested.
  • Pay for exclusive content.

Thus, OnlyFans is a platform that allows creators to make themselves known and fans to have access to exclusive content.

Take the example of surfer girl, one of the most famous on OnlyFans, which offers exclusive content to fans with a free subscription, but with PPV (pay per view).

how to get known on OnlyFans _ SurferGirl

PPV is a common practice to generate money on OnlyFans. This is where content creators charge a fee for each post.

How Can You Create An OnlyFans Account:

To create an OnlyFans account, you just need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, it is obvious to go to the OnlyFans website. The OnlyFans homepage is quite simple. There is a banner that explains the purpose of the platform and a section to register or login.

how to make yourself known as an onlyfans _ step 1

  • To register on OnlyFans, you can choose one of the following methods: register with a Twitter account, register with a Google account, register with a Windows Hello account or register manually. In our case, we will use manual registration.
  • Then you can fill in the required information to create your account. This information is: your first and last name, a password and an email address. Make sure that the information provided is correct, as it will be used to log in to OnlyFans.

how to make yourself known as an onlyfans_ step 2

  • Once the information is filled in, click on the "Register" button. If everything is good, you will receive a confirmation email and you will officially become a member of OnlyFans.
  • Alternatively, if you do not receive a confirmation email, you can request another verification yourself by going to your account options.

how to make yourself known as an onlyfans _ step 3

Then, to complete the registration, you simply have to add your banking information.

It depends on:

1. If you are a content creator 

If you're a content creator on OnlyFans, you need to add your banking information so fans can pay you.

The service fee is only 20% and there is no monthly subscription to pay.

So how do you add a bank account?

To do so, just click on your profile icon. Once this is done, a list of options will be displayed for you. Choose "Add bank".

how to make yourself known as an onlyfans _ step 3

Then, you just have to fill in the necessary information and submit your request.

2. If you are a fan:

If you are a fan, you have the opportunity to register for the platform for free.

But, to see content you have to pay either:

One subscription fee for each content creator.

A Pay Per View fee for each post you want to see.

To be able to pay, you must link a valid credit card to your OnlyFans account.

How to do it?

The following steps must be followed:

  • Click on your profile icon.
  • Click on "Your Cards".
  • Click on "Add a new card"
  • Enter your account information.
  • To validate.

how to get known an onlyfans _ card

11 Different Tips And Techniques To Get Known On OnlyFans:

1. Set Your Subscription Price:

To start with the techniques of how to get known on OnlyFans, you must first set the price of your subscription.

Generally, reasonable prices on this platform range from $9.99 to $15.99 per month.

The more expensive your subscription, the more likely you are to be noticed as a quality content creator.

However, keep in mind that asking too much can deter people from buying your content and that you always have to offer added value to justify the high price.

So, your price should be high enough that the fan feels like he/she is paying for quality content, but low enough that you won't miss out.

Take the example of Sadie gibbs, which offers a subscription price of $12.50 per month.

how to get known an onlyfans _ price

2. Promote your OnlyFans account on your social networks

On Facebook and Instagram

On Facebook and Instagram

Promotion on Facebook and Instagram must be done while remaining discreet and implicit.

These two platforms do not allow the dissemination of nudist or sexual content.

So, to promote your OnlyFans content on Facebook or Instagram, it's important to:

  • use photos and videos that are not too explicit;
  • mention the link to your OnlyFans account in the comments of your Facebook and Instagram posts;
  • Post interesting and engaging content that will get people to click on the link to your OnlyFans profile.

Take the example of Bella Thorne, who promotes her OnlyFans account on Instagram by adding a linktree link in her Instagram bio.

how to get known on OnlyFans _ promote on social networks

On Twitter

how to get known on OnlyFans _ promote on social networks_ twitter

Twitter is a much more open platform than Facebook and Instagram when it comes to promoting nudist and sexual content.

Accounts that post such content are more likely to be followed and commented on on Twitter than on Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter users are more likely to click on links that are shared and follow unknown accounts if they seem interesting.

It is therefore important to publish quality content on your Twitter account and also to promote your publications in order to attract the attention of Internet users.

On Youtube

YouTube and OnlyFans are two different platforms with different goals and users.

YouTube is focused on streaming videos, while OnlyFans is fan-centric and exclusive content.

Many celebrities have an OnlyFans account because it allows them to share exclusive content with their fans.

But also these celebrities also have YouTube accounts which they use to redirect their subscribers to their OnlyFans accounts.

3. Use Reddit to promote your OnlyFans account

Reddit is a social network that allows users to post links and comments on different topics.

Reddit members also have the ability to vote for their favorite links and comments, which helps determine content rankings.

To promote your OnlyFans account on Reddit, create a post in the appropriate section with a link to your account.

Include a short description of the content you post on OnlyFans and ask Reddit members to vote for your post.

4. Adult webcam sites

If you create adult content, you can also use webcam sites to generate additional income.

These sites are popular and provide an excellent source of traffic.

Using adult webcam sites to promote your OnlyFans account is a great strategy.

People visiting these sites are already interested in adult content, which will increase the chances of them buying your content. 

5.Cross promotion 

One of the most common methods is to cross-promote.

Cross promotion or cross promotion is the marketing strategy that consists of recommending its products or services to existing potential customers.

On OnlyFans, you can find complementary accounts to yours and exchange followers.

This strategy is very effective because followers of your account have already shown an interest in what you do and are therefore more likely to follow other accounts if you recommend other relevant accounts to them.

So, from time to time, share the link of another account and ask them to do the same.

6. Make live videos, accept tips and give shoutouts

Making live videos is the best way to talk to your fans and announce new things.

It will also make your fans feel privileged and part of an exclusive club.

Additionally, it will encourage people to send you tips, which could increase your income on OnlyFans. 

Finally, shoutout to your friends and contacts on social media asking them to support your OnlyFans account. This will create synergy and get more people to follow your account.

7. Use tools for a boost:

Hiring the services of a marketing tool will help you increase your visibility on OnlyFans. 

These services have been created to help users to make themselves known and gain notoriety.

Among these tools are platforms such as Doctor-Like, which allow users to:

  • Buying OnlyFans Followers: Buying OnlyFans followers is a common practice on the platform. The purchased followers are of quality, which will allow you to give a better image of your OnlyFans account.
  • Buy OnlyFans Likes: Increasing the number of likes is also very common when you want to be known on a social network.

how to get known on OnlyFans _ Doctor-Like

So, if you want to boost the performance of your Instagram account, visit the Doctor-Like website and choose the service that suits you.

8. Understand your community

Understanding the community is important for knowing how to influence them.

If you want to be known and have a good community on OnlyFans, it is important to know what they like.

For example, if most of the people who follow your account like nude photos or just seeing what you do on a daily basis, post content related to that regularly.

However, don't be too restrictive in what you post as this may discourage potential subscribers from subscribing to your account.

It's also important to keep in mind the feedback you receive and try to accommodate fan requests as much as possible.

9. Collaborate with other content creators to promote each other

Collaborating with other content creators across multiple platforms is a great way to promote each other.

For example, you can offer a travel blogger to write an article on your OnlyFans account and vice versa.

Or, share links to content you've created on social media to grab users' attention.

10. Use affiliation in your favor 

OnlyFans allows you to refer users and receive a commission on the subscriptions they take.

This can be especially useful if you already have a loyal following.

11. Align what you post with your target audience 

Post alignment is a key element for your account to be effective.

Make sure you are targeting the right people and posting content that will appeal to them.

Otherwise, you will not get the desired results.


In this article, we have seen 11 methods and techniques on how to get known on OnlyFans.

These tips and techniques are effective, and will help you attract more fans and increase your notoriety.

Use them to grow your business on the platform and get the best possible results!

If you still need help with how to get known on OnlyFans, opt for the services of Doctor-Like.