7 Tips for Breaking Through on TikTok in 2022


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok has grown in popularity and now has over 1 billion active users.

This application provides a space for creativity, but also to gain notoriety.

TikTok users are mostly young people between the ages of 12 and 24. This gives an opportunity for creators to break into this platform.

Also, brands seek partnerships with influencers and influencers on TikTok to promote their products.

Thus, many are those who wish to know how become influencers to break into TikTok.

In this article, we are going to help you understand how to break into TikTok by giving you 7 tips to get there.

drill on TikTok _ Introduction

1. Identify Your Target Audience:

The first step to drill on TikTok is to identify your target audience.

This is very important for creating content that appeals to your fans and keeps them coming back regularly.

To identify your target audience, start by determining the age of the majority of your fans.

TikTok is particularly popular with young people, so if your product or service is aimed at teenagers or young adults, focus on that audience.

But that's not all: it's also important to know the interests and passions of your fans to create content that attracts them.

So what are the things your fans love? Sports, music, movies and TV shows?

Or maybe they like to relax watching funny or quirky content instead?

Identify these interests and use them to guide your content strategy to start breaking into TikTok.

2. Participate in TikTok Challenges:

TikTok is the trending platform par excellence.

Several challenges are launched every day and people love to participate.

If you want to break into TikTok, it is important to participate in these challenges.

This will allow you to attract the attention of platform users and gain notoriety.

These challenges are usually around a specific choreography or sound, just follow the instructions and post your own version of the challenge.

In addition to gaining visibility, participating in TikTok challenges will also allow you to have fun and create original content for your account.

Feel free to create your own challenges too! 

Internet users will love to participate. 

If you manage to create a buzz with your challenge or even start a trending challenge, you are sure to break into TikTok.

break into tiktok with trends

3. Favor Short Videos:

Short videos are the most popular on TikTok. 

Users often have little time to spend on a single video and therefore prefer short videos over long ones.

To break into TikTok, it is important to produce short videos that are entertaining and interesting for your target audience. 

Try to use interesting visual and sound effects and keep your video no longer than 30 seconds.

Keeping your video short helps you capture users' attention and keep them watching until the end.

Short videos are also easier to share on social media and they tend to get more likes and followers. 

So, if you want to break into TikTok, don't hesitate to produce short videos that appeal to your target audience.

4. Take Advantage Of Popular Music:

Music is a powerful tool to use on TikTok. 

People love to listen to music, and videos that include good music are more likely to be viewed and shared. 

Also, music can add an extra dimension to your video.

There are plenty of choices available when it comes to music on TikTok, but some songs tend to be more popular than others. 

Another reason why to use Instagram music is the fact that with the used tracks you can reach many new followers.

Indeed, for each musical piece, TikTok shows which videos use this sound. 

So, by using the right sounds, you can gain many new subscribers and get spotted by other influencers.

It is therefore important to use the right sounds if you want to break into TikTok.

Finding the best songs to use can take a bit of time, but it's worth it as it can have a significant impact on your success on TikTok.

drill on tiktok with music

5. Improve The Quality Of Your Videos:

In a world full of digital content, you must always make sure to improve the quality of your productions to break into TikTok. 

Indeed, if you want your content to stand out from the others, you have to put a little extra in the quality of what you publish. 

This means you'll need to invest in a good camera and learn to master the editing tools to get professional results. 

Another tool you can use are the beauty effects that TikTok offers for your videos.

It is also important to choose the right music to accompany your content, as it can also help to highlight it. 

Be original and don't hesitate to think outside the box to break into TikTok!

drill on tiktok with good video quality

6. Use Hashtags To Your Advantage:

Hashtags are a powerful tool for breaking into TikTok.

The platform gives great importance to hashtags and allows users to discover new videos by searching for them.

Make sure to use the right hashtags and include them in your video title or description.

By using the right hashtags, you can ensure that your content will be seen by a wide audience.

Also, by using popular hashtags, you will be more likely to be reposted by other users and increase your visibility.

So make sure you use hashtags wisely and don't overuse them.

Use hashtag generation tools to find the best hashtags to use for your content.

Otherwise, you can simply enter your keywords directly into the TikTok search bar and you can see the trending results.

In our example, we searched for "Travel" and got the following results:

  • #voyage: this hashtag has 1.7 billion views.
  • #tiktokvoyage: this hashtag got 42.9 million views.
  • #travel: this hashtag has 49.5 million views.

break through on tiktok with hashtags

7. Buy TikTok Followers:

Buying TikTok Followers is one of the fastest ways to break into TikTok.

Indeed, TikTok does not ban the purchase of followers and leaves accounts with followers purchased online.

This allows accounts to have more visibility and attract users more easily.

The benefits of buying followers on TikTok are many:

  • Your TikTok account will get more exposure and rank higher in search results.
  • You can save time and focus on creating content rather than promoting your account.
  • You will get greater reach and exposure for your content.

Therefore, Doctor-Like offers you the purchase of TikTok followers from 3.99 โ‚ฌ. The accounts you will get are real active and quality followers.

drill on tiktok _ Buying followers

So, do not hesitate to buy followers on TikTok to quickly break into this platform!


In the end, to break into TikTok in 2022, you must: 

  • identify your target audience
  • participate in TikTok challenges
  • promote short videos
  • take advantage of popular music
  • improve the quality of your videos
  • use hashtags to your advantage 
  • buy TikTok followers. 

These seven tips are must-haves if you want to break into TikTok!

So, start trying out these tricks to improve your account performance and see which ones to include in your strategy as needed.