What is Picuki and how does it work

Instagram is one of the best photography apps on mobile. Instagram users have the opportunity to share photos and videos with their friends and family in seconds. But the application is limited on several sides.

For example, you can't find out who viewed your post or even download the photos from Instagram.

But do not worry! We found the solution: Picuki.

Picuki will allow you to bend the rules of Instagram and do what you want while remaining anonymous.

If you want to know what is Picuki and what are its benefits, this article is good for you.


Discover What is Picuki 

Picuki is a tool that allows you to access Instagram profiles while remaining anonymous.

Since Instagram requires you to create accounts with your real name and Picuki is an anonymous tool, Picuki is a good solution for people who want to view Instagram profiles without being identified.

One more point, is that Picuki also allows you to check account statistics without even having an account.

Another important feature for Picuki is the ability to download images posted on Instagram.

The latter is also an important feature, because it allows you to download images from Instagram profiles, which is not allowed from the Instagram application directly.

To summarize, Picuki allows you to:

  • Access Instagram counts while remaining anonymous.
  • Access statistics.
  • Download pictures.
  • View posts and stories.

It is important to note, that using Picuki, you cannot interact with posts. 

This means that you cannot comment or like posts via Picuki.

Learn How Picuki Works And How You Can Use It 

Using Picuki is not complicated at all.

The platform is indeed easy to use.

To use Picuki, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Go to the platform

Of course, you have to start by going to the platform of picuki.

Once you arrive, you will come across a simple home page.

On this page, Picuki asks you to choose a country. 

The home page is composed of a search bar and the options offered.

It is for this reason that Picuki is very easy to use. Its home page is minimalist, which also allows people who have never used Picuki to understand how it works.

As can be seen in the image below: a search bar allows you to search among existing Instagram profiles and three icons allow you to know what type of search to perform.


2. Head to the research section

Once you know what type of search you want to perform, you can type in the search bar the name of the profile you want to access. 

In our example, we will try to find the official TF1 account.


Picuki will then run a search from its integrated search engine and it will offer you the profiles that best match your search.

A trick is to try to type the name of the account you are looking for correctly in order to get the most relevant results. 

And then we can move on to the next step.

3. Choose the right account

Since Picuki will offer you several results, it is important to choose the right account. 

Picuki will only show you results that are compatible with your search history, which is why it can sometimes be difficult to find the right accounts in the top ranks.

Here are some tips for Picuki to help you choose the right account:

Use Picuki multiple times to improve your search history.

Help Picuki by typing the exact name of the account you are looking for.

Choose the right search category (profiles, tags or locations)

In our example, we will choose the first account on the left to navigate it.


4. Start browsing

Once you access the chosen account, you can start browsing its publications.

You can see Stories, posts, and all account information.


In the case of the TF1 account, we can see that they have 6517 publications that we can open one by one.

Picuki, in fact, gives a simple interface similar to that offered by Instagram.

Suddenly, users of Picuki will have a feeling of familiarity with the interface.

If we access a publication, we can:

  • download it
  • see the number of Likes and comments
  • read comments

This is where Picuki excels, it offers you a very special option, uploading photos, which Instagram forbids.

 Picuki is therefore an application that offers users advantages that Instagram does not offer.

Additionally, Picuki users will also have access to:

  • An account's post history (to see what people have posted.
  • Downloading photos without losing the original quality.


5 Advantages Offered By Picuki

1. View Instagram stories without an account and completely anonymously 

Anonymous browsing is Picuki's best feature. 

You can view Instagram stories without an account and without signing up. Picuki is the only site that offers this feature for free.

Thanks to Picuki, you no longer need to create an account to see the stories of the people you follow. 

Picuki helps you realize your dream of following the news without any commitment.

So consider using Picuki to stay up to date with what's happening on Instagram. 

This is the best way to enjoy Instagram stories risk-free.

2. Upload images to Instagram without having an account on the app

Many Instagram users are annoyed by the following restriction: Instagram doesn't allow you to upload photos.

This is where Picuki comes in. 

It lets you download the images and gives them metadata like the time, size, or the name of the Instagram account that contains the photo you want to download. 

In short, Picuki does what Instagram doesn't recognize as possible since there's no button on your mobile app to prompt to share an image from your device.

Plus, downloading is simple. You just have to enter the publication via Picuki and press the "download" button.


Once the button is pressed, the photo is directly downloaded to your computer.

3. Search for the desired profile or position

As Picuki has its integrated search engine, you can easily find the profiles or positions that match your expectations. 

You just need to type the name of the Instagram account whose posts you want to see, then Picuki will show you all the similar people.

It is important to note that Picuki is a powerful tool that can be used to find the people you are interested in on Instagram. 

It is therefore important to be careful when searching Picuki and remember that you should never search for an account on Picuki without at least their name or their photos!

4. You do not have to provide information or face access restrictions

The goal of Picuki is that you do not have to create an account to access posts and accounts on Instagram.

This makes the equation very simple: you want to see a post and Picuki takes you to the account to view it with no obligation.

This is a big plus, as it means Picuki is easy to use and you don't need to create an account to view posts.

This is useful for many people.

For example, if you don't want to have an Instagram account, but your child does, you can monitor him from afar without having to commit to regular Instagram usage.

5. View Instagram Profiles

Picuki is also a good way to view Instagram profiles. 

You can see who followed your account, what your friends and followers liked and commented on Instagram, and much more. 

Picuki provides a platform to explore Instagram user activity in real time without having to leave the app. 

This means you can quickly discover new trends, top content, and influential accounts on Instagram. 

Plus, Picuki helps you find topics of interest and, by embedding them directly on your Instagram account, makes it even easier to create attention-grabbing content.

By using Picuki, we can notice that several people can see our publications anonymously.

This means that for influencers and professional accounts, Picuki poses a threat in terms of increase in number of subscribers and subscriber interaction.

As a result, this kind of users will always need a boost for their number.

Fortunately for them, Doctor-Like offers a complete Instagram service that helps you boost your Instagram account statistics.


Throughout the article, we have seen the many advantages that Picuki offers you.

We also figured out, what is Picuki and what are its advantages.

Picuki is then for you, if you want to browse Instagram accounts and posts while remaining anonymous.

Also you can check Instagram account statistics easily.

If you are interested in your account statistics and want to improve them, take a look at Doctor-Like to give your Instagram account a boost.