YouTube: the platform that revolutionizes video sharing

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has become a key player in the world of online video sharing. Whether to watch music videos, follow the adventures of popular videographers or learn from tutorials presented by experts, many people connect to YouTube every day to be informed, entertained and share.

A wide variety of content available for free

The strength of YouTube lies mainly in the immense diversity of the videos offered. Indeed, everyone can find what they are looking for on the platform as the themes covered are vast:

  • channels dedicated to music, with the possibility of watching official clips, live concerts, acoustic performances or playlists made by other users;
  • channels dedicated to Gaming, where players share their games, their tips and comment on their impressions of video games;
  • channels focused on education, which allow you to learn different subjects, languages, technical skills and much more thanks to explanatory and educational videos posted online by specialists;
  • vlogs, where videographers share their daily lives, their travels or document interesting experiences;
  • the chains of humor, featuring sketches, parodies or challenges to entertain viewers.

A platform accessible to all and conducive to creation

One of the great advantages of YouTube is its ease of use: it only takes a few clicks to register for free and enjoy all the content available. In addition, everyone can create their own channel and put their videos online, sharing their favorites, their skills, their mood or even their travels with the whole world. The possibility offered to Internet users to comment, like, share and subscribe to channels actively contributes to making this platform interactive and attractive.

YouTube: an effective marketing tool for businesses

In addition to the general public, YouTube is also very popular with businesses in their digital strategy thanks to several features:

  • the ability to create attractive video content, educational and informative which will allow professionals to present their products and services in order to reach their target;
  • the abilities of natural search engine optimisation what the platform offers, in particular through keywords (tags) and descriptions optimized to be easily spotted by search algorithms;
  • the viral potential of certain videos, which can reach several million views in just a few hours if they are shared massively on social networks and the web.

Partnerships between YouTubers and brands

Faced with the growing influence of certain videographers, brands have understood the benefit of collaborating with them to reach their subscribers. YouTubers may therefore present products or services in their video, recommend a brand to their community or even organize competitions to win gifts. This is a real exchange of good processes, which allows brands to increase their visibility while offering interesting and attractive content to the videographers concerned.

Symbolic successes that inspire

Squeezie: the first French videographer

With nearly 15 million subscribers, Squeezie is the undisputed representative of success on YouTube on a national level. Known mainly for his quirky and entertaining videos, he has managed to attract a large audience and continually offer quality content. It even happened that his videos reached several million views in just a few hours. Today, Squeezie works with renowned brands and has notably launched her own range of clothing and accessories linked to her atypical character.