Buying Followers On TikTok In 2022: The Complete Guide

TikTok is the number 1 video platform for young people par excellence.

Teens and young adults under 25 spend an average of an hour and a half a day on this app. Unlike Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, TikTok is all about short, fun video. 

If you want to grow your presence on TikTok, having a large number of followers is important.

To keep the competition in a space full of creative content, several content creators and TikTok influencers are using specific tools and have figured out how to buy followers on TikTok to improve their accounts visibility.

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of buying followers on TikTok and how to buy followers on TikTok.

how to buy followers on tiktok introduction

The Benefits Of Buying Followers On TikTok?

Buying TikTok followers is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your account popularity. 

When you buy subscribers, you increase the visibility of your content and this can lead to a significant increase in the number of views on your clips.

In the following, we are going to explain the advantages of buying followers on TikTok:

1. Improve Your Account Visibility:

As mentioned above, the first benefit is to improve your account visibility.

When you have a high number of followers, people see your content more often and it increases your chances of gaining popularity on TikTok.

Buying followers is one of the best ways to get a strong following and attract public attention.

Additionally, this strategy helps build a strong community around your channel.

2. Engage Your Audience:

The more followers you have on your account, the higher the engagement of your audience will be.

It is therefore important to publish interesting and engaging content to keep users connected to your account.

Purchased followers will help you achieve this goal, as they will be more likely to see your posts.

3. Sign Partnerships:

Companies looking for partnerships are looking for the number of subscribers of a potential partner.

Businesses tend to choose accounts with a larger follower base to seal a business deal. 

How Buy Followers On TikTok?

To buy followers on TikTok is a fairly simple procedure. 

There are different ways to buy followers on TikTok, and prices vary depending on how many followers you buy.

It is also possible to buy subscribers, comments and likes along with the followers.

This will increase your visibility on the site and improve your overall ranking.

Buying followers is particularly useful if you want to quickly grow your account or want to gain visibility. 

Thus, to buy followers you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Find a reliable site: To find out which is the reliable site, try to find the recommendations of users. For example, Doctor-Like is the leader in the sale of TikTok subscribers in France.
  • Choose the number of followers that suits you: You can choose from 100 followers to 10 followers.
  • Enter the TikTok account link: You should never give your account identifications (username and password).
  • Make a payment.
  • Subscribers will arrive gradually.

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Top Sites That Offer Follower Generation On TikTok:

1. Doctor Like

Doctor-Like is a reputable site when it comes to boosting social media performance.

Similar to other providers, Doctor-Like offers the purchase of subscribers, views and comments.

The site also offers a one-time payment for generating genuine followers on TikTok in just a few steps.

how to buy followers on tiktok doctor-like

Benefits of the service include: 

  • Quality subscribers: In order not to alert the algorithms, Doctor-Like provides real subscribers who will react with your content.
  • 100% guarantee that subscribers will be delivered quickly and safely
  • Customer service available 24 hours a day, 24 days a year 

2. Sos Views

SosViews is one of the most popular websites that offers the option to buy followers on TikTok. 

The site provides quality and reasonably priced followers.

The purchase process is simple and you will have no problem getting your subscribers.

how to buy followers on tiktok sosViews

3. Buyfollowers is a Belgian site less known than the other two, but which offers a very good quality of followers. 

The process of getting subscribers through the site is simple to follow.

how to buy followers on tiktok buyfollowers

4. Purchaselikes 

Purchaselikes is another website that provides services of buying likes and followers for social media accounts. 

The site is easy to use with a friendly interface. 

You can buy likes, followers or both at the same time. After placing your order, you will automatically receive your followers.

how to buy followers on tiktok purchaselikes

Do Influencers Buy Followers On TikTok?

This is the question that many people are asking. Do influencers buy followers on TikTok? 

Well, the answer is...yes and no. 

Big influencers tend to buy followers to increase their follower count as it makes the brands they represent look better.

However, smaller influencers don't always do this. 

Some of them just buy likes and comments in order to trick a larger audience into believing that their account is popular.

Still, buying TikTok followers is beneficial for small influencers too. 

Some of them confirm that buying followers helps them stand out from the competition and gain credibility.

So maybe it's time to find out how to buy followers on TikTok right?

What is the budget for buying followers on TikTok?

First of all, you should know that the budget you need to plan to buy subscribers depends on the quantity you want to buy and also on the quantities offered by the supplier.

Generally, the prices vary depending on the number of subscribers and the quality of the accounts.

On average, it takes between โ‚ฌ15 and โ‚ฌ30 for 1000 subscribers. 

Also, at Doctor-Like you can acquire, in addition to TikTok subscribers, Likes and Views.

TikTok followers:

A price ranging from 3.90 โ‚ฌ to 159.90 โ‚ฌ:

At Doctor-Like you can get TikTok followers in just a few clicks.

Our price ranging from โ‚ฌ3.90 to โ‚ฌ159.90, you are spoiled for choice! 

The quantities and prices offered are as follows:

  • 100 subscribers for 3.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 250 subscribers for 6.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 500 followers for 9.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 1000 followers for 17.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 2500 subscribers for 49.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 5000 subscribers for 79.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 10000 subscribers for 159.90 โ‚ฌ.

how to buy followers on tiktok doctor-like followers

Like TikTok:

A price ranging from 3.90 โ‚ฌ to 159.90 โ‚ฌ:

From Doctor-Like you can buy Likes for TikTok from just โ‚ฌ3.90. 

We also offer larger packages, up to 159.90 โ‚ฌ to allow you to gain visibility on the platform.

If your account is new or if you don't have many subscribers yet, this solution is for you!

The prices vary according to the number of subscribers you wish to acquire, but also according to the quality of the services offered:

  • 100 Likes for 3.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 250 Likes for 6.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 500 Likes for 9.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 1000 Likes for 17.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 2500 Likes for 49.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 5000 Likes for 79.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 10000 Likes for 159.90 โ‚ฌ.

how to buy followers on tiktok doctor-like followers

Seen TikTok:

A price ranging from โ‚ฌ3.90 to โ‚ฌ2:

From Doctor-Like, you can buy TikTok Views, Comments and Likes from a price ranging from only 3.90โ‚ฌ.

The site offers different packages depending on the number of views you want to buy:

  • 100 Views for 3.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 250 Views for 6.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 500 Views for 9.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 1000 Views for 17.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 2500 Views for 39.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 5000 Views for 69.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 10000 Views for 99.90 โ‚ฌ.
  • 20 Views for โ‚ฌ000.
  • 50 Views for โ‚ฌ000.
  • 100 Views for โ‚ฌ000.
  • 500 Views for โ‚ฌ000.
  • 1 Views for โ‚ฌ000.

how to buy followers on tiktok buying Views

How Many TikTok Followers Should You Buy?

The amount of TikTok followers you should buy highly depends on:

  • Your budget.
  • Your number of current followers.
  • Your goal in terms of number of subscribers.

To be realistic, to become an influencer and receive an acceptable income, you must have a minimum of 100 followers.

Of course if you want to have 10 followers, you are not going to buy 000 followers, because that would cost you too much.

It is recommended to buy between 1000 and 5000 followers at a time.

This will boost your account without it being suspected in the eyes of TikTok.

These 5000 followers will increase your visibility and your notoriety on the social network, which will have the effect of attracting new subscribers.

Is it better to buy views, comments and likes along with followers?

The answer is yes!

It is recommended to buy views, comments and likes along with followers.

This is because it will boost your account and improve its visibility.

Also, when people see a video with lots of views, comments, and likes, they will be more likely to watch it. It will also increase your engagement rate.

The visibility of your posts is crucial to the success of your account.

Buying views, comments and likes is the best way to increase this visibility.

This will draw attention to your content and help you get more followers.

So, don't hesitate to buy TikTok followers as well as likes and views in 2022!

Is Buying Followers Detected By TikTok?

As long as you use a reliable site to buy TikTok followers, you won't have any problems.

Many sites offer this service, and most of them are completely legal.

However, if TikTok discovers that you bought followers, your account could be suspended.

It is therefore important to choose a reliable site that will not allow TikTok to detect your purchase of followers.

When choosing a site, make sure it offers a money back guarantee.

This will give you the extra security that your followers will be well activated and will improve your ranking on TikTok.

Additional tips to boost your TikTok account 

1. Follow The Latest Trends:

TikTok being a trending platform, it is important to follow the latest ones to catch users' attention.

Be creative and try different things to stand out.

Trends are easily found on the "Explore" part which you can use later.

2. Know When To Post:

If you know when to post, you'll have a better chance of reaching a larger audience.

Most accounts have a peak of engagement during the hours of 18-21pm GMT+0.

However, this depends on the country and geographic area where your audience is located. 

3. Link Your TikTok Account To Other Social Networks:

Linking your TikTok account to other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will allow you to gain visibility. 

Users of these social networks will see links in your bio directing them to your TikTok account. 


Throughout this article, we have learned about the various pros and cons of buying followers on TikTok.

We also explored how to buy followers on TikTok, as well as the best sites that offer this service.

If you are interested in buying followers, it is important to know that it is best to buy likes, comments and views along with followers. 

Finally, if you know how to buy followers on TikTok and you still need help with visibility, visit the Doctor-Like website to find the services.